Art: Anna Gaskell

Imagine Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland filmed through the lens of Alfred Hitchcock. Imagine the story of Cinderella as interpreted by Edgar Allan Poe. If you can imagine that, then perhaps you’ll have some insight into Anna Gaskell’s photography.

Gaskell's work is a fairly personal exploration of the narratives surrounding the literary adventures adolescent girls. These narratives tend to feature plucky, good-hearted, intelligent girls whose courage and innate goodness allow them to overcome all the dangers and injustices they encounter. But the thing we tend to overlook about adventures is that the people having them don’t know how they’re going to turn out. They don’t know there will be a happy ending. What they know is that they’re caught in situations fraught with anxiety and fear. What they know is that the world looks like a very grim place. When the person having the adventure is an adolescent girl, that anxiety and fear is that much more acute.

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