Design Report: Charles Papillo and "The Kouklas' Secret"

A good friend of mine , Charles Papillo, has put out a children's book as illustrator with the author, Marcy Nassikas -- "The Kouklas' Secret".

Not just another children's book with cheesy illustration and a happy go lucky storyline, the book from storyline to visual depiction carries the children's literary category to the next level. I had the privilege of seeing the behind the scenes development of the book and both writer and illustrator have brought profound talents to the table. TRULY NEON approved! Not only for children "The Kouklas' Secret" with it's elaborate illustrations stands as the perfect coffee table piece.

Indeed something destined to become a classic.

For more information about the author, Marcy Nassikas, visit HERE

And for more information about the illustrator, Charles Papillo, visit HERE

You can find the book at
Or simply use the link below:

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