Black History Moment: Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (Saint-George; December 25, 1745 – June 10, 1799) was a champion fencer, a virtuoso violinist and conductor of the leading symphony orchestra in Paris. Born in Guadeloupe, he was the son of George Bologne de Saint-Georges, a wealthy planter, and Nanon, his African slave. During the French Revolution, Saint-Georges was colonel of the 'Legion St.-Georges,' the first all-black regiment in Europe, fighting on the side of the Republic. Today the Chevalier de Saint-Georges is best remembered as the first classical composer of African ancestry.

He can been seen in recent pop culture moments like Marie Antoinette (2006). 

The handsome Black man tutoring Marie Antoinette is Joseph Boulogne, classical musician extraordinaire whose work influenced Mozart’s. 

This has been your Western music history tidbit of the day. 

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