Art: BD GRMMR "CLOUD," 2014

"CLOUD," 2014
Performance at the AC Institute, part of UR HEAD IS MINE
Video recorded and edited by Sam Richardson
Visuals and audio by collective member Yulan Grant. The performance also features a voice-automated reading of the following poem, written specifically for the piece by collective member Justin Allen. We encourage you to reblog and revise the poem as you wish:
Most of us remember the age we realized
The danger in what we wanted.
 Years later, we watch the bodies of our own
Stack high into statistics.
 Where we seek out protection
We continue to count names,
 Unsure of when we’ll stop.
So this is where we retreat:
 A cloud where they can’t follow us.
Unbound by way of download,
 We encourage you to download,
Or copy and paste where you see fit,
 Disseminate, revise as you wish.
Reblog to expand scope of voices
 To expand visions that shift
At the break between worlds—
 One of avatars, the other of bodies.
Maybe when we log on
We don’t leave our bodies,
But extend them,
 A hybrid of elegy and manifesto.
This is our world as much as theirs.
 They follow to threaten us,
But what happens when we follow back?
 When we gather and build confidence?
Perhaps they not only fear,
But cannot fathom us. They want their
certainty and comfort. They want us silent.

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