To my Baltimore friends

To my Baltimore friends: 
I wanna take this time to apologize for all my silly "be safe" messages. I had this moment where I read a few of my messages back and thought to myself "Wow Max! You're an idiot". What does it even mean to be safe in 2015 ? We live in a world where our system is broken, where black lives are bloodsport for those who are "sworn to protect". It could be Mike Brown, it could be Eric Garner, hell, it can even be me tomorrow. The system has completely dehumanized black lives, so much so that now we're losing people daily to the police's version of "doing their job". Freddie Gray's death has tipped the scale and now we're rioting, we're fighting harder, we're taking that that fear the media has placed in our hearts and giving them something to really be scared about. 
It scares to think how much this violence and blood shed will escalate in the coming days, but asking my friends to "be safe" is basically telling them give up, live in fear, and be completely oblivious to the fallen system that takes black lives everyday. I don't want ANYONE I love to be oblivious to this shit. I want you to fight, to protect, to help those that can't help themselves. What I ask is that instead to being "safe", be strong, be aware, and be involved. This fight has been in the cards for awhile and it looks like whether they like it or not, we're doing it! Even though I'm not there on the frontlines, just know if you need me I got you and rooting for you every step of the way. 
by the boo Max Mohenu 

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