Must See: "LET THE FIRE BURN" and “The Black Wall Street”

May 13, 1985 - 30 years ago marks the bombing of the MOVE townhouse by Philadelphia Police via C4 dropped from a helicopter. Firefighters were ordered to stand by and "Let The FireBurn" (also the title of an excellent documentary chronicling the events seen above and here). The deadly attack left 11 MOVE members burned to death, including 5 children. The fire destroyed 61 homes and left 240 people homeless.This was 2nd American city to use explosives on its constituents. The 1st was in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 31st, 1921, when police dropped dynamite on the flourishing Black neighborhood of Greenwood, also known as “The Black Wall Street”, afterwards re-zoning it to make way for a railroad.

let that sink in.

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