Word From Gazi Kodzo on the Fashion Industry

I love Naomi Campbell, but to see her and Iman running around begging and crying about WHITE designers not casting black models is cringe worthy. When both these Black Models have walked and promote almost exclusively Just WHITE deigners! When as a people are we going to disengage? When are we going to stop giving a fuck about white acceptance and start putting our resources, our energy, our time and our love into OUR SHIT. When will we see celebs like Kanye, Andre LeonTally, Tyra Banks, and etc go to Afrikan Fashion shows as much or MORE than White Ones? Representation is cute….but if it is given by your enemy…whats the worth in that? Sovereignty not only creates representation but is stabilizes POWER. We as Afrikan people must put our resources into our OWN shit until our own shit is bigger than their shit! Whites are basic, plain, tired, rigid, and untalented. When you celebrate white excellence you’re celebrating mediocrity. Afrika and Afrikan people (world wide) have always been where its at and where it always will be. Im done knocking on massa’s door for what’s rightfully mine. I’m making my own shit so i can get stronger. That way next time i come to massas door its to blow that door the fuck down and take my shit back by force. 💁

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