Slavery Reparations Dominate David Cameron's Jamaica Visit

Its crazy that a people can build legit empires that made tons of countries rich for centuries, established our foundation of western economics/ control to this day and enforced power/ influence in idk small things like... the English langue on THE BACKS of another people and when those said people ask for a slice of the pie owed to them all white people can see are panhandlers. My work, my life and drive is to embrace yet critique my Jamaican heritage but to act like all these African people just ended up on this island with no resources to help themselves and are struggling against being a 3rd world country at all times because they can't "act respectable" is an aged old lie and delusion they have told us and we tell ourselves as black people that is far from the truth. There is hard proof that communities that prosper socially have employment opportunity, access to education, access to food and water,… resources to self preservation -- It aint hard to tell. So to visit a country to kiki like its all good and gag when they say BITCH BETTA HAVE MY MONEY.. is indeed shock value

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